Dicky O’Hara: Musicians Don’t Want to Work for Free


My name is Dicky O’Hara, I am a working musician based in Plymouth. As with all musicians, music isn’t just a hobby, it is a part of my entire life. We wake up in the morning and practice for hours on end, travelling with all of the equipment for miles around to entertain audiences. I love my job, but paid work can often be hard to come by. I would like to offer my thoughts on this as a musician and try to urge you to support your local talented musicians.

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Winter on Mars wants you


Here’s an overview of what Winter on Mars can do for you:


Winter on Mars is a platform to get your music out there; we love the local music scene and can share your work as a means for up and coming musicians to be heard.

We can also use our unique art designs to promote your work with posters, album covers and other merchandise.


We know that we are not the only ones producing exciting and unique artwork, so Winter on Mars will have regular content updating you on the things we think you need to see; interviews with up and coming artists, recommendations of events and exhibitions, plus the latest street fashion news.

The things that matter to you

Not just a space for artists and musicians, Winter on Mars wants to bring you the issues and stories that matter, bought to life with our illustrations. This means frequent contributions from writers on varying but always interesting topics in the realms of culture, technology, science and music. We have a unique voice but we also want to hear yours.

Charitable causes

The world for many is not a happy place and here at Winter on Mars we feel we have a responsibility to raise awareness of the issues affecting planet Earth. For every sale we make we will be contributing a part of the profit to a relevant charity; we would like to hear from you if you have any particular suggestions for charities to donate to. Winter on Mars can also produce limited edition merchandise for different causes.

Anybody else

For anyone else out there interested in purchasing surreal art prints and street clothing, or wanting to join our growing community, see here for more information.